Inspection Questions

Getting ready to set up your trip inspection questions in sureFleet? There are many ways to organize and select your trip inspection questions. The list below is a sampling of questions entered by sureFleet users.

I understand that it is against company policy to make personal calls or text while operating a company vehicle.
Are all the assigned tools on the truck?
Are all belts and hoses in good working order & no fluid leaks under the truck?
Are all of the lights working? You should check the headlights, taillights, brake lights, emergency flashers, and head lamps.
Are all required legal documents present in the vehicle including a current registration, current insurance card, driver's license, and DOT physical card?
Are all the doors and locks in good working condition?
Are all the doors including the passenger, the driver, rear (working lock), and bulkhead (working lock) in good working condition?
Are all the mirrors in good condition including the rearview and side view mirrors?
Are all your chains, straps, hooks, and dollies in proper working order?
Are fluids at the correct levels? (Engine Oil, Transmission, Brake, Coolant, Power Steering)
Are passenger entry and exit doors working properly?
Are the brakes in good working order?
Are the broom & shovel in good condition?
Are the dash instrument gauges in working order?
Are the fire extinguisher(s) in good condition and charged?
Are the gas cans, spouts, and funnel in good condition?
Are the jumper box and cables in good condition?
Are the reflector triangles in good condition?
Are the seat belts functional and the driver's seat in good condition?
Are the side reflectors and marker lights in good condition?
Are the tires properly inflated with adequate tread?
Are the tires, rims, & lug nuts in good working order?
Are the wheels and suspension free from damage?
Are the windshield wipers working properly and the windshield washer fluid level good?
Is the vehicle free of any new body damage?
Did you wash the truck & wipe the door jams in the last 24hrs?
Do the P.T.O and bed controls work properly?
Do the turn signals work?
Do you have a broom, shovel, and oil dry?
Do you have a gas can?
Do you have adequate paperwork supplies?
Do you have all items needed to perform your job today?
Do you have business cards?
Does the heater and defroster work properly?
Does the horn work?
Does the PTO work? Does the warning light turn on?
Does your winch & cable work properly?
Has a truck inventory been completed and all equipment present?
Has a walk around of truck been completed?
Is all required safety and emergency equipment in place and operational?
Is Exhaust system functioning properly?
Is the first-aid kit in truck?
Is the Diesel Exhaust Fluid level good?
Is the engine free from abnormal noise?
Is the fuel over half tank?
Is the parking brake working properly?
Is the phone and appropriate chargers in the vehicle?
Is the power brake fluid level good?
Is the power steering fluid at the proper level?
Is the steering wheel free of excessive play?
Is the trash can empty and the sand can full?
Is the fuel tank fuel?
Is the vehicle interior and exterior clean?
Is there adequate tread on the tires? (4/32 front, 2/32 rear)
Is there any new or existing damage on the vehicle?
Is your pivot pin greased?
Safety triangles/flares on truck?
Tires: Tire Chains, Wheels, Rims, Air Pressure
Trailer: Brakes, Brake Connections
Trailer: Coupling Devices, King Pin, Hitch
Trailer: Doors and Roof
Trailer: Landing Gear
Trailer: Lights, Reflectors/Reflector Tape
Trailer: Suspension
Trailer: Tarpaulin
Trailer: Tires, Wheels, Rims

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