Fleets and Sub-Fleets

sureEcosystem Fleet allows users to add various fleets to the system. If you have several locations or business entities, this is a great way to organize the vehicles in the system.

Users assigned to a particular fleet or sub-fleet, will only be able to see the vehicles, drivers, and other information associated with that fleet or sub-fleet when they log in to sureEcosystem Fleet. You will also be able to run reports on particular fleets or sub-fleets.
First, select the Systems tab at the top of the page. 

Then, click on Vehicles.

Click the Fleets tab.

Click the Add Fleet button at the top right. You will then get a pop up, type the name of your fleet or sub-fleet (and parent fleet you would like your sub-fleet to be assigned to), and click Save when you are done. 

You can assign a vehicle to a particular fleet by clicking the Vehicles tab alongside the Fleets tab and selecting the vehicle you would like to place in your Fleet. Scroll down Fleets/SubFleets and click the +. Then click the drop down bar to select your Fleet/SubFleet. You can then assign a user to a particular fleet by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the check box next to one of the drivers.

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