Adding a Service Center or Service Technician

Adding Service Centers and Service Technicians to sureEcosystem Fleet allows you to assign the appropriate people to your work orders and keep track of where work is being done and who is doing it. You can add new service centers and service technicians in a few simple steps.
First, select the System tab at the top. 

Next select Service Centers. 

You can add a new service center by selecting Add New Center which will prompt a pop up box to fill out company information. Fill out the information and click save.

You can also edit an existing service center by clicking on the service center name or edit button. When you open a service center record, you’ll have access to the contact information for that service center as well as being able to see which service technicians are assigned to that service center.

To add a service technician or edit an existing one, just select Service Technicians and click save when you are done.
When adding a new service technician, be sure to assign them to the appropriate service center and click save.

If you do any of your own maintenance work, we recommend that you add your shop and service technicians here also.

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