Setting Up An Appearance Inspection

Setting up an appearance inspection in sureEcosystem Fleet is easy. Just follow these simple steps: 

Select System from the menu at the top right. 

Select Trip Inspection. 

Select the tab labeled Appearance Question Setup. 

On the Appearance Question Setup tab, you can add your own items or enable items from the provided list. You can also drag and drop items to put them in the order you would like them to appear on the mobile app. 

If you would like to create unique appearance inspections for individual vehicles, just like you can do with trip inspections, select the tab labeled Appearance Question Sets. These unique appearance question sets can be assigned to vehicles on the vehicle profile page in the Vehicle Maintenance Information section.

Once the appearance inspections have been created, drivers will be able to access them via the mobile app. After selecting the appropriate vehicle, the driver should select Inspection from the choices on the mobile app. 

Next, they should select Appearance Inspection. 

After selecting Appearance Inspection, the driver will be prompted to take a picture of each requested item. They can also add notes. 

You may go to the Admin section by clicking on the System tab at the top of the page, once an appearance inspection is completed to review it and approve it.

You can review the inspection and approve it in the 

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