QR Code Setup in Trip Inspection Questions

Adding QR Codes to your trip inspections is easy to setup. 

When you open a trip inspection question (System, Trip Inspections, Trip Question Setup, Select any of your created questions), you'll see a drop down for Vehicle Location. 

The vehicle locations in that drop down correspond to a QR code on the available QR Code Labels. We have the document available here on this FAQ post:  http://faq.surefleet.com/article/137-qr-code-verification-for-trip-inspections

Now, most people that use this feature only assign a location to a few of the questions. Just enough to ensure that the drivers are walking around the vehicle- maybe one under the hood, one near the back bumper, and one in a door jam, for example. If you can select which questions and which locations you would like to use, we can create labels for you for only the locations you select. We would just send you a page of labels for each location. You would then have them printed and applied to the vehicle. We recommend printing them on Avery Brand Weather Proof Mailing Labels #15513 or #5523. Email us at support@sureFleet.com if you would like our help with this. 

A sureFleet user left a great review of this feature on our Facebook page. Their post explained how they are using it. Here is their post:

Contact us at support@sureFleet.com with any questions! 

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