Work Order Rechecks

You can schedule a recheck when you are creating a completed work order or on an already completed work order. When you are creating a work order, and once you have set it to the status of Complete, a button will appear titled, "Schedule Item Recheck". Make sure you have a Service Type selected and then click on the Schedule Item Recheck button.

Once you've selected a Service Type and clicked the Schedule Item Recheck button, a pop up will appear allowing you to set the criteria for this recheck. Simply check the Service Type box and enter the criteria and click Save. You will notice that this is very similar to a Threshold set up.

When the recheck comes due according to your criteria that you've entered, it will show up as an alert on your dashboard like a Threshold. However, a recheck is a one-time occurrence and will not be added to your Thresholds as a recurring item. Once you create a work order for the recheck item, it will be removed from your alerts section.

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