Mobile App Menu Customization

sureEcosystem Fleet allows you to not only set what types of users have permission to use the mobile app but also what features they can use on it. This can be used for such things as allowing drivers to only see information pertinent to their vehicle or sub-fleet.

Setting these permissions for your users is simple. First, log in to sureEcosystem Fleet and press the Systems icon in the top left corner:

Next, choose Users:

Choose the ‘User Roles Setup’ tab near the top of the page:

From there, choose the user type you want to set permissions for from the drop down menu located at the top:

You can then choose whether you want this user type to have access to the mobile app by scrolling to Logins and checking the box that says ‘Login to the Mobile App’:

You can then choose which menu items the user type will have access to in the mobile app by checking the appropriate boxes under the Mobile Menu section:

Click save at the bottom right of the page when you are done!

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