Threshold Alerts

Setting up a new threshold is easy. Follow these steps. 

First, select System. 

Next, select Thresholds. 

Click on Add Threshold Set. 

Create a name for your threshold. Use the drop down menu to select the vehicles that this threshold applies to. You can choose an individual vehicle, vehicle type, vehicle class, fleet, or subfleet. Then, select the services you wish to track with this threshold by selecting them from the drop down and clicking Add Threshold. You can add as many as you would like. 

Enter your time frame and use the drop down to select your preference: Days, Miles, Engine Hours, Kilometers, Gallons of Fuel, or PTO Hours. You can enter the time frame that you want to be alerted to the upcoming maintenance event by entering it in the Alert At field. 

In the example below, this vehicle is set up for a PM Service every 8,000 miles. The alert will appear 500 miles before the service is due.

Finally, click Save at the bottom of the page.

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